Flying Samsonite cases
You can fly! You can fly!
(Technical design for flying Samsonite cases - BEA award winning concept 2013)
Ready to travel the world ...
RContainer design for Ex Smokers campaign, European Commission)
3D design event for Total
Want to know how your event will look like ...
(3D event design for Total Belgium)
A train logo or a logo train?
(Logo design for the 25th anniversary of Bombardier Transportation - train division)
Wrapping up the Aula Magna in Louvain-La-Neuve
(Building personalization for the anniversary of SAS institute Belgium)
Alpro cardboard box
Life is like a box of ...
(Cardboard box design for Earth Hour during Alpro staff event)
Samsonite press invitation
Bubble invitation
(Invitation design for Samsonite press event)
SAS Forum 2013 event design
Showing you exact what your event will look like long before your 'd-day'
(3D event design for the SAS Forum 2013)
3D visualisation SAS booths 2014
Who said business is boring?
(3D event design for the SAS booths 2014)
3D visualisation private party
What's possible in my garden?
(Technical design for the integration of a canopy in a private garden party)
SAS comic hero
Let me be your hero ...
(Comic hero design for SAS Institute)
3D sketch for VLAM event
Cows, kids & meadows ...
(Black & white sketch for VLAM sampling events across Belgium)
VLAM photoboot
Picture it ...
(Photobooth design for VLAM sampling events across Belgium)
3D visualisation for Opel Corsa launch event
Real life entertainment system ...
(3D event design for new Opel Corsa launch)
Pfizer poster
About mad hatter and white rabbits
(Poster design for Pfizer staff event)