There's no doubt about it: creativity is a very subjective thing. A concept that one person loves, the next person might reject. However, each year the Benelux Event Awards assembles the best creative cases and puts them before a jury. Marketing people, advertising and PR managers from various industry associations and leading companies all assess the best of what the event market has to offer today.

In past years, MeetMarcel has won an impressive array of BEAs, from bronze and silver to an enviable 5 gold awards. Here's a summary ...

2004 BEA for best Product launch VF europe Launch of the new Wrangler and Lee SS05 collection
2006 BEA for best Incentive Omega Pharma Top incentive 'Pentiti'
2007 BEA for best Product launch Niko New Niko product line
2009 Golden BEA Accent Jobs Accenteasiacum
2011 Silver BEA Janssen J-Day, Janssen Cilag becomes Janssen
2011 Golden BEA Hubo Hubo Challenge
2012 Golden BEA Jules Destrooper 125 years celebration
2012 Silver BEA Mobistar Launch of the Apple iPhone 5
2013 Golden BEA Samsonite Pan European PR event
2014 Bronze BEA Securex Securex Staff Event
2015 Golden BEA Provamel/Alpro International Bloggers Event